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So many times we are asked what happens on my wedding day or what's the plan for my elopement day?

That's a great question and its always different for each couple, some may have children to get ready, or you may be flying in from another state. So, let's go over some really basic ideas and good practices to answer that question.

The day before however is all about you! It's a great time to get a massage, your nails done (yup guys too!) and but you should also take this time to double check your necessary items. Meaning rings, wedding license, clothing and ect. It can be complicated to have to deal with an important missing item and many times you cannot go back to get it, or if you do it may take too much time or we will lose an important person for your wedding. If you are planning on bringing any décor, make sure that is ready to go too, in tubs with labels if possible.
Get a good night's sleep - we know it may be hard to do- but a disco nap will work as well. It is never a good plan to go without rest, and your wedding day is one of the longest day of your life, you don't want to go halfway and start yawning!
Do try to eat something and drink some water in the morning. Mimosas many times are a breakfast ‘drink’ of choice, just be careful of over doing it! Ladies you may want to get dressed at home or your hotel. Yes, your dress may have a few wrinkles, but no one will notice. If you are having your ceremony at lets say a venue, many times they have a dressing room for you to put your dress on.  Sorry guys, you usually arrive ready.
Usually at the same time you arrive at your ceremony location, your coordinator, florist, photographer and cake person arrives. Your officiant will arrive soon after. The photographer will start taking photos of the location, you, your dress if possible and those quick little details that you may miss while getting dressed. Sometimes, the photographer will even start taking photos of your fiancé, wedding party or family members. Your coordinator will check in with you and bring you your flowers.  Sometimes, they go over last-minute changes or details, to make sure that everyone is on the same page.
Then it's time for ceremony! Your family and friends are seated and ready for your big entrance! You and your wedding party are lined up to go out and in just minutes you are married! Many times, you and your new spouse will follow your photographer or your officiant to sign your license and do your private couple photos. Once those are done, you will go back to join the rest of your family and friends for formal photos.
After all those photos are done, its finally time for the good part! Cake and Toasting! Depending on the type of elopement or small wedding, it is at this time you usually cut the cake, or eat donuts, feed each other pie! Whatever you choose to celebrate your wedding day, many times that includes a toast. Champagne or sparkling cider is pretty traditional for many couples.
It's at this point many couples who have eloped choose to travel to a lunch or dinner location with their wedding guests. Pretty easy right?  We can wait to enjoy it with you!

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