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What about those ‘Flower Girls’?
Do I need a flower girl?
Do I really want a flower girl?
Why are there flower girls?
No one is quite clear on when flower girls actually started to appear in wedding ceremonies. There is some evidence that flower girls may have started to appear in Ancient Egyptian wedding ceremonies, but the more popular belief is that they started to show up in later history in higher class Roman weddings. Even then they walked before the bride, carrying sheaves of wheat or even throwing out oats for fertility, symbolizing the bride would be able to have little humans and further the family line. Some have even said that the throwing of petals also represented the transformation from am innocent girl into a passionate and loving wife. During the Renaissance era, often the flower girl would carry braided cloves of garlic- to ward off evil spirits (and vampires!) besides bringing good luck.
The flower girl duties haven’t really varied from time period to time period. She has always proceeded the bride, symbolizing not only the above-mentioned fertility, but also the bride’s transition from child to adult. Flower girls can be any age from small babies to gently aged great grandmothers, in wagons, strollers and even wheelchairs. Most often they are between 3 to 12 years of age. It is also common for the flower girls’ parents to pay for the dress, shoes, accessories, while the couple purchases the ‘flower basket’ and ‘petals’ and usually only helps with the costs of the wedding attire.
Does she have to be a little girl?
No, the position of a ‘flower girl’ can be given to any one or even a fur child. Some of the very best weddings were with ‘flower guys’ who really play up the whole aspect. One of my very favorite flower guys wore a fiery red suit, a long beard, playing -Pour Sugar on Me (by Poison) as he walked/skipped/danced and flirted down the aisle.  He blew kisses, gave roses to a few guests and was a great hit! And as mentioned before you can have your fur child, grandparent or even your nephew as your flower person. You don’t even have to have one, and many times with smaller or even micro weddings couples choose not to have one. Or if you have several small humans in your lives, you can have them as a part of your day.
What do they carry or throw?
Depending on your venue they can carry anything from fresh rose petals to dried lavender to even a biodegradable confetti. You can have them blow bubbles or even give flowers to select wedding guests. Some have even just carried balloons, festive fall leaves, paper hearts, a sign (as us about custom signs or them to carry!) or tiny bouquets. As long as the venue or wedding location is okay with your choice the variety is endless.

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