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Why are wedding vendors so expensive?

There are so many reasons why weddings are so expensive depending on what type of wedding you are looking for. 
And yes, there are lots of different ways to cut expenses, and some are good and some are not quite so good. There are so many posts on online about just have a friend or family member do your wedding photos, they can do your ceremony, get plastic tablecloths and I can go on and on…

A great way of looking at your wedding vendors as they are super specialized and experienced masters in their fields. Just like a dermatologist is going to be a bit more costly than going to urgent care for a facial breakout; or taking your brand new super expensive BMW to the dealer to change the oil than going to Grease Monkey. Yes, anyone can do those jobs, but there is a ‘cost’ to yourself in stress and worry. Havin 

All professional wedding vendors have years of experience in not only doing a great job for you, but also in what to do if something goes wrong, as it often does in a special event, as there are so many moving parts that may be out of anyone’s control. 
For example a professional florist may be able to bring your flowers back to life, or even suggest options that will work best not only for your budget, but also time of year, availability and color themes. 

There is also the time that many vendors spend on your event that isn’t on site. As a professional wedding officiant, I can honestly say that even for a 2-person elopement I spend at least 2-3 hours working on the event, chatting on the phone with clients, following up on emails, plus drive time, plus actual time on site, with some events wedding events that can log more than 30+ hours! 

And if we look at the time involved in a day of coordination event, I can be looking at 40-60 or even more hours on an event depending on what we are doing for decorations. There is also the time involved in designing, purchasing and creating the items. This also pertains to photographers, videographers and even caterers. They have to purchase special equipment, take classes and be constantly learning to things to keep up to date with the ever-changing wedding world.

Wedding professionals also have operating costs, such as phones, advertising, and quality items that may be needed for your event. Venues may have some of the highest operating costs as they have a constant upkeep of cleaning, landscaping, repairs and even staff to make sure your day is perfect! 

Keeping these details in mind- it may help you to understand why
wedding professionals are so darn expensive!




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