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Ken and Kris at the Wedding MBA 2021

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         About Us

Hi there!
Our names are Ken and Kris Bowen, and we are some of the most experienced wedding professionals in the beautiful state of Colorado! We have been doing this for the past 20 years (actually more but who’s counting?) We started out as just photographers and venues salespeople, from there we learned every aspect of the wedding industry. Ken and I have catered, planned weddings, managed venues, bartendered, provided conflict resolution for venues, and even DJed. Each and every aspect of the wedding industry we have been there and done that!  

We have learned that we are happiest as photographers, event managers and officiants! We even love exploring our creative side by creating custom wedding items for our clients such as handfasting cords, custom unity items and now even vow books! 
Ken and I have been very lucky in having our children work for and with us. Currently our youngest daughter Evanna is one of our wedding photographers and has years of experience editing photos and taking them. She has in her editing career edited close to a million photos! 
We also work with several different officiants and photographers who are some of the best in the business! We bring them on in the summer months to make sure that each and every one of our celebrations have the coverage that is promised, with out the worry that someone won’t show.
Ken and I also know that each couple is different, and it is one of our greatest pleasures in our career as wedding professionals is to curate weddings that are tailored to each couple. From basic backyard weddings, stunning venues, standing on cliff edges or even on rocks in a frozen river! Many of our clients have become friends and we can’t wait to meet you!