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 Celebration Experiences

Because of how weddings and other celebrations have changed in the past few years, you now have that distinct opportunity to create any type of wedding celebration that you want, not what others tell you to have! You can choose to have your day on the side of a mountain, a vintage Clock Tower, stunning wedding venue, at the foot of a waterfall, in a  backyard or even at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. We want to be a part of creating a day that you will remember for the rest of your married lives together. If you have a wedding dream in mind- such as Empower Stadium (Broncos Stadium), the Breckenridge Troll, Sport themes or cosplay such as Dr. Who, Vikings, Game of Thrones, Steam Punk, or even Zombies we have to talk!
Below are a few of the experinces that we offer and we always want to hear what you want to do!

 The Clock Tower Events- Downtown Denver

Because you only want to get married once, we offer the Once in a Life Time experience in the historic and iconic Daniel Fisher Clock Tower, located in the famous 16th Street Mall. With fantastic 360-degree views of Downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains. Including an entire floor to get ready in and a ceremony location with not only 1 but 2 of the distinctive clock faces to mark this very special moment in time.

The Once in a Life Time Experience

3 hours at the Clock Tower  
3.5 hours of photography, with a Face Book Live option 
Professional officiant, with experience in all types of wedding      celebrations
Customized unity items such as candle, salt, handfasting, or salt
Event management -custom time line, vendor coordination, guest management, decor design/set up, tear down/clean up assistance, day of emergency bag
Mini Wedding Cake and Cupcakes
Champagne/Sparkling Cider Toast with customized glasses
Charcutierie and/or seasonal fruit tray for your guests to snack on while you are doing your formal photos
Bouquet and boutonniere
Your choice of any of our decor, signs or florals from our large selection, customized to your event
Adventure, dining and/or lodging recommendations
20-minute carriage ride with photos (Up to 4 guests)

All these above services up to 30 people, along with the building rental starting at just $5000! For more information on longer event time, if you have more or less guests or general questions, let talk!


One of the more original wedding celebrations we offer is the full Viking Experience. If you are a fan of Vikings, GOT, World of War Craft, or even Rune Scape this is the wedding celebration for you! We bring everything that you may need from décor, props, food, mead, and many times we can even provide the perfect location! Imagine yourselves in a wooded grove, with a stunning mountain background, a beautiful wedding alter with furs, flowers, mead horns and your personalized and customized handfasting cord. After your ceremony, you snack on meats and cheeses on your take home wooden Viking charcuterie board, then your photographer takes you out to take ceremonial photos, creating permanent memories of your day. Once you have completed your photos we will celebrate with cake and mead; poured out in your own personalized mead cups/horns, we will sign your license and your handfasting certificate.
Due to this highly stylized and themed celebration we recommend at least 3 hours for your festivities. More time can be added and your celebration can be customized to your wants and needs. For more information on the package items please click on the highlighted links.

         A (Modern) Viking Celebration 3 hours of Event Management
3 hours of photography with 2nd shooter and photo album credit
Photo album credit 
Livestream or unedited video of your event
Themed alter with aisle decor, with themed lighting, furs, rugs, and flowers
Officiant- in themed dress with a custom Viking ceremony
Complete with blut in personalized horn cups, a bottle of mead (Vikings blut, Dansk Mjod, or Odin’s Skull to take home) Swords are also available for the gifting of the rings, along with a  personalized handfasting cord
Color coordinating Viking dagger bouquet, boutonniere, and tosser 
additional matching bouquets/boutonniers/coursages are also avalible
Mini Wedding Cake with matching themed cake topper (feeds 4-6)
On a Viking themed cake table with cake cutting dagger, and ecofriendly wooden plates and forks 
Personized take home charcuterie board with charcuterie (feeds 2-4) 
Location suggestions (5 locations, permit costs may be added)

This package includes these above listed services for up to 6-8 people for just $4500!
For more information on what a Modern Viking Wedding can be for you or general questions, lets talk!

 Colorado Renaissance Festival 

Celebrating at the Colorado Renaissance Festival is one of the most memorable and affordable celebration that we have to offer! Working with the staff at the Ren Fest, we are able to take you back in time to the romantic Middle Ages! After dressing in your private dressing trailer, you will be piped up to the Canterbury Chapel for your choice of themed wedding (Pirate, Viking, Elvish, High Valerian, GOT, its up to you!) We invite your guests to go to the Royal Gardens where the Ren. Fest. staff prepared a royal feast of huge turkey legs, decadent pastas and more based on your choices, while your formal photos are taken while you are still at the Chapel. After dining the King Henry and his lovey Queen will arrive to bless and knight you. Cake and toast follows the King, then off to the Joist to watch the knights fight for the Queens honor! Your guests are then welcomed to explore the Faire, with the Royal Gardens being your home base until the cannon sounds the end of the day.    
Photography, ceremony, décor, custom items and mini wedding cakes provided by We Do I Do For You.

(Location, food and beverages provided by the Colorado Renaissance Festival)


Romance in the Middle Ages

7hours of Event Management includes these basic services and more-

Decor set up, ceremony set up, custom time line created with festival management, time management to make sure that you are on time for all the special festivities, interaction with your guests to make sure that they are enjoying the day to the fullest, along with tear down & clean up

5 hours of photography (1 photographer, in period/themed dress)
Officiant- (in period/themed dress)
Customized Unity Items such as handfasting cord, with handfasting certificate
Customized Decor for your event based on your theme 
Decorative Colorado Renaissance Festival Wedding Certificate
Mini Wedding Cake and cupcakes, including all necessary items
Your choice of any of our decor and we can even customize items based on your wedding theme.

All above listed services for The Colorado Rennisannce Festival, starts at just $3,500! 
For more information on booking, menus, bar options, larger guest count or general questions, we are always happy to chat!