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A wedding is one of the most significant events in a person's life, and it is often seen as an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. However, the traditional "big" wedding can be very expensive and time-consuming, leading many couples to consider having a small wedding instead. Let's look at why having a small wedding can be a great choice.
One of the most significant advantages of having a small wedding is the cost savings. Weddings can be incredibly expensive, with the average cost in the United States ranging from $19,000 to $33,000, depending on the location and other factors. An elopement can run under a $1000 (As us how!) and smaller weddings with 20 people or less for $3000-$4000 venue included! What a savings! With a smaller guest list, couples can save a significant amount of money on catering, venue rental, and other expenses. By having a small wedding, couples can also allocate more funds to other areas of the wedding, such as the honeymoon or wedding attire. Additionally, with fewer guests to entertain, couples can focus on creating a more intimate and personalized experience for their guests. Nobody wants to start their married life off in debt from their wedding! 
A small wedding can create a more intimate atmosphere that allows the couple and their guests to connect on a deeper level. With fewer guests, there is more time and space for meaningful conversations and interactions, and the couple can spend more time with each guest. Intimacy can also translate to the ceremony and reception itself. With a smaller guest list, the couple can create a more personalized ceremony and reception that reflects their personalities and preferences. They can also choose a smaller venue that is more suited to their style, creating a more intimate and cozy atmosphere. Even though you may choose to elope or have a smaller wedding, it doesn't mean that you cant have a larger party or reception later! If you have family in two different states, many couples choose this option, small wedding or elopement then a reception in a different state. It also gives you the chance to wear those amazing wedding dresses and duds one more time!
Less stress
Planning a big wedding can be incredibly stressful, with multiple vendors, guests, and logistics to coordinate.  With fewer guests, there is also less pressure to create a grand, Instagram-worthy event, allowing the couple to focus on creating a more meaningful and authentic experience for themselves and their guests. 
Having a small wedding can also provide more flexibility in terms of location, date, and time. With a smaller guest list, the couple can choose a more unique and meaningful location, such as a private beach or a secluded mountain cabin. They can also choose a date and time that is more convenient for them and their guests, without worrying about accommodating a large number of people. This flexibility can allow the couple to create a wedding that is more in line with their vision and values, rather than feeling constrained by tradition or expectations. This is also a great opportunity to have a wedding that is more of an experience vs having the same type of wedding everyone else had. Wouldn't' it be amazing to have your wedding in a vintage Victorian glass house in the middle of a stunning blooming garden? On the side of a mountain? Do you wish that you were a swooning maid or strapping Viking lord? Smaller weddings are much more conductive to those types of celebrations as they are more unique.
A small wedding can also be more environmentally sustainable, with fewer resources consumed and less waste generated. With a smaller guest list, the couple can reduce their carbon footprint by choosing a more sustainable venue, reducing the amount of food and drink waste, and minimizing transportation emissions. They can also choose to give back to the community by donating to a local charity or choosing vendors with sustainable practices. By prioritizing sustainability in their wedding, the couple can create a more meaningful and socially responsible event.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why having a small wedding can be a great choice. From cost savings and intimacy to less stress and more flexibility, a small wedding can create a more meaningful and authentic experience for the couple and their guests. If you are considering having a small wedding, be sure to discuss your options with your partner and loved ones to ensure that it aligns with your values and vision for your wedding day.

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